Retirement Planning

Most of us have spent more time planning our last vacation than planning the rest of our lives. Is it any wonder we worry about the future?

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The Navigator App is a free tool that uses "design thinking" to engage you in a planning process focused on choices and outcomes.

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Maximize your lifetime CPP income by choosing the best possible start date. Get the best start date from your 121 different options.

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Our choices determine our destiny

Retirement is so much more than an amount saved or sustainable after-tax income. Retirement is like everything else in life; it’s a series choices. When to start CPP? How much to withdraw from a RIF each year? What lifestyle is affordable?

Good choices lead to good outcomes; bad choices lead to bad outcomes. How do you know if a choice is good or bad over the long term? The only way is to approach your planning process like a designer instead of a mathematician. The designer’s approach allows you to put your ideas down in a safe space and model the outcomes of the entire system not just a single event.

Design thinking is the philosophy that sits at the heart of the Navigator App and the app is a place where you can experiment with choices before you must embrace them.

The number of Canadians who

do not have a company sponsored pension of any type
do not have the income guarantees of a defined benefit pension plan
do not have a detailed financial plan that details how to fund their retirement lifestyle
do not have a retirement income plan that minimizes taxes as savings are withdrawn


- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Take control of your retirement

Our disciplined C3 Process™ and suite of advanced, elegantly simple tools will help you make better decisions about your retirement by delivering the benefit of hindsight before you need to make your choices.

During our process, you will:

  • Explore the financial implications of your many retirement choices as they collide and interact with each other, giving you the clarity you need to determine if your choices are achievable and sustainable
  • Gain a clear understanding of what you plan to do, when you plan to do it, how big you plan to do it, and the confidence of knowing how to best to fund these retirement choices.
  • Learn your optimal time to stop contributing to RSPs and how much to add to other portfolio assets as you work to top up your savings, increase opportunities to reduce future taxes and maximize your cash flow over the balance of your life.
During our process, you will:
  • Build a bespoke retirement income plan containing funding ‘recipes’ for each successive year, identifying which potential cash flow ‘ingredients’ (e.g. RSP, CPP, etc.) to use and how much.
  • Learn how you can mitigate risks by empowering money managers with knowledge of when funds will be needed and how much will be withdrawn form each account.
  • Achieve the Clarity, Confidence and Convergence needed to ensure that you are able to get the most of out of chosen retirement without putting your future at risk.

We are constantly living hundreds of retirements

What our clients are saying

“After having my review meeting with our previous advisors, as it relates to my elderly mother’s accounts, I was reminded of why we chose to leave them , and how pleased we are to be working with you, Doug.

Dr. Jane Hadley – Ottawa OntarioEmeritus Client

Clarity is a wonderful thing and I am super excited to have found what I was looking for and to be able to achieve the planning I need to be comfortable with the rest of my life.   The process helped us think through, and share with one another, exactly what we want the retirement stage of our life to look like

Karen LeonardEmeritus Client

We have 11 people in our household and running the house and everyone’s activities is as complex as most businesses. Because there is always so much going on, we would look at things in the immediate or short term. We really had no idea of what it cost to support the family lifestyle. Not only did the process organize our historical finances, but they also applied the same rigor going forward, and detailed our lifestyle costs from today, through the balance of our lives. They showed us the implications of everything we were doing and not doing. Now that we know what our lifestyle costs today, and what it will cost in the future, we learned we will in fact be able to afford the life we’re dreaming about for us and our children. With this many kids to be concerned with, the peace of mind that came from knowing that we would be OK is indescribable. And let’s not forget, the strategies and efficiencies that Emeritus recommended generated savings for us that covered their fee 10 times over. e.

Elizabeth & Dr. Graeme HibberdEmeritus Client

I had the pleasure of working with Retirement Navigator on behalf of one of my largest clients. The comprehensive nature of their analysis, and subsequent recommendations, gave us a perspective we never had previously. Their process, technology and knowledge are second to none.

Brian Miller C.A.Investment Advisor


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