Our Story

We have a heritage of excellence in
financial planning

Discover the answer to the biggest question about your financial future.
"Am I going to be ok?

Retirement Navigator was founded by Doug Dahmer, a financial planner with over seventeen years of experience in the Canadian Financial Services industry, to help Baby Boomers determine if they will be OK when they retire.
For twenty years Doug Dahmer and Retirement Navigator have been passionately committed to solving the unique challenges and issues facing Baby Boomers preparing for retirement. Through extensive research and consultation with well-respected thought leaders in this field, Retirement Navigator has become an leader in both the financial and the non-financial aspects of planning for the second half of life.

We are constantly living hundreds of retirements>

Stop planning your retirement
and start designing it

Miles Driven

We work virtually but will also
come to your house

Years Experience

We work with you one on one,
but have years of experience across our diverse team.

Cups of Coffee

It is your life and your plan, we listen first and provide guidance second.

Retirements Lived

We don't just help our clients design their retirement, we live it with them.


– Thomas S. Monson

We can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your lifetime net worth.

Let us show you how

Having forward knowledge of how much money you need and when you need it empowers you to make better choices. Choices that can significantly increase your cash flow and net worth during retirement.


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