Retirement Planning

We are experts in building retirement plans. Our C3 Process is goes well beyond an analysis of incomes and savings; it builds a picture of the future.

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Navigator App

Stop planning your retirement and start designing it. Our app is totally free and is your chance to discover what is possible in your retirement.

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Tax Minimizer

Are you building future tax traps? Strategies that minimize tax today sometimes cause much higher taxes in the future. Learn how to avoid the tax traps.

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CPP Optimizer

The difference between a good choice and a poor choice can be $100,000+ in lifetime income. Discover the start date that maximizes your cash flow.

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Pension Commutes

Defined benefit pensions are great but they come with lots of options. We can help you make sense of all the choices available to you.

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The Emeritus Program

Integration of your life plan and money plans delivers greater certainty of outcomes. The Emeritus program is designed to protect to from market downturns.

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We are constantly living hundreds of retirements

What our clients are saying

This was not a financial process focusing on numbers. It was an opporunity to take a good long look into my own passions and values.

Sergio Galo

I was amazed how their approach balances sophistication with ease of use. They helpped me address my own weakness of not addressing my retirement plan.

Lew FordRetired

Retirement Navigator brings things together in a very cherent, insightful and meaningful way. Working with them was very easy and thought provoking.

Rob Bower
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