Aligning Plan with your Money

Emeritus Program

The Emeritus Program is for those who want continuous access to all the programs at Retirement Navigator and Integrated Money Management. Clients in the Emeritus Program have typically been through one or more of our other services prior to engaging with us at this level. Completion of our financial planning process is a must before anyone joins the program.

Under this program, clients work closely with their financial planner to determine a money management strategy and integrates directly with their financial plan. At Retirement Navigator we do not directly manage your money. Instead we have partnered with leading investment strategist firms across Canada. We are experts in planning, they are experts in investing.

Of great concern is the fact that mainstream money managers are designed solely to serve the interests of people in their accumulation years. We believe that a pension style money manager who understands and can address the unique and enhanced risks surrounding investment during your “drawdown” years is crucial. We work with the very few managers who specialize in the convergence of life plans with investment plans. By clearly distinguishing between money that will be withdrawn from the portfolio in the short term, from the funds that are invested to provide long term growth, you are protected from the costly damage that can be caused by the inevitable significant market downturns.

If you are interested in the Emeritus Program, please contact us.

An expert is someone who
has made all the mistakes
which can be made,
in a narrow field

- Niels Bohr

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