Are you building a tax trap?

Tax Minimizer

None of us wants to pay more taxes than necessary. Early in our lives the tax strategies were straight forward: reduce taxes by contributing to an RSP and allow the investment growth to compound tax free for as long as possible. As we get closer to, or enter retirement, things get more complex. Improper use of tax-free compounding frequently leads to expensive tax traps. You need to know:

  1. How much is too much in an RSP?
  2. Is your TFSA working to its potential?
  3. What role will income splitting play in your retirement?
  4. How soon and how quickly should I begin to deplete my RRSP savings?

During your retirement you have more opportunities to control your tax bill than at any other time in life. Sometimes paying more tax now, can mean paying a whole lot less later in life.

Our tax minimizer program will help you make choices about what to do this year to minimize your tax bill, while making sure your strategy today does not hinder your tax savings opportunity in the future.

You will benefit from this program if you are asking questions like:

  • Should I add more to my RSP or take more out of my RIF?
  • Am I making the best use out of my TFSA?
  • Could I get more out of income splitting?
  • Would my partner and I benefit from a spousal loan?

The benefit earned through smart investment choices usually translates to an extra 1% or 2% in annual investment return. The annual return realized when strategic tax choices are deployed can exceed 10%.


- Albert Einstein

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