“After having my review meeting with our previous advisors, as it relates to my elderly mother’s accounts, I was reminded of why we chose to leave them , and how pleased we are to be working with you, Doug."

Dr. Jane HadleyEmeritus Program Client

Clarity is a wonderful thing and I am super excited to have found what I was looking for and to be able to achieve the planning I need to be comfortable with the rest of my life.   The process helped us think through, and share with one another, exactly what we want the retirement stage of our life to look like

Karen LenoardEmeritus Program Client

By profession, I am a Chief Financial Officer, and as such, embrace the philosophy of sound financial planning and management. In my profession, I have the resources to apply best practices to all aspects of my company’s fiscal health. However, when it came to planning our personal financial lives, it became very clear that I did not have the same resources available. We needed the tools and guidance to get an accurate perspective of what was necessary to prepare for our financial future. Emeritus provided those tools and guidance. What is unique to the Emeritus process is they emphasize the cost side of your financial life. After all, how could you possibly know how much you’ll need until you understand what your lifestyle will cost? We’re delighted by the insights that the Emeritus program delivered. As their slogan says, now we can predict our future.

Peter & Ingrid LanePlanning Client

When I learned that, as part of the Emeritus program, I would literally receive a year by year action plan that would take me exactly where I wanted to go, I was blown away. As the founder of ilearn2, a global training and motivational company, I absolutely believe that detailed goals and impeccable execution will lead to success. Even more exciting, knowing that you’re going down a road that will take you to the destination you’ve been dreaming about, makes the journey a pleasure. The Emeritus program will give you that peace of mind. Remember, they give you a map, that year by year action plan. Blew me away.

Doug BolgerEmeritus Program Client

Like many of our friends, we’re both professionals, and have no children. We both have great jobs that we love and have been successful in accumulating significant assets for our retirement. We’re thrilled by what the future holds, and we have great plans. But in the back of our minds, we still wondered, will we have enough? There’s also a 10 year difference in our ages which had to be considered. With the help of our friends at Retirement Navigator, we could literally sit down and view various financial and lifestyle scenarios, and see the outcome instantly. It really does let you see your future. It gave us the peace of mind we were looking for.

Ken & Desiree RodgesEmeritus Program Client

I had the pleasure of working with Retirement Navigator on behalf of one of my largest clients. The comprehensive nature of their analysis, and subsequent recommendations, gave us a perspective we never had previously. Their process, technology and knowledge are second to none.

Brian Miller C.A.Chartered Accountant

We have 11 people in our household, and running the house and everyone’s activities is as complex as most businesses. Because there is always so much going on, we would look at things in the immediate or short term. We really had no idea of what it actually cost to support the family lifestyle. Not only did the Emeritus process organize our historical finances, they applied the same rigor going forward, and detailed our lifestyle costs from today, through the balance of our lives. They showed us the implications of everything we were doing and not doing. Now that we know what our lifestyle costs today, and what it will cost in the future, we learned we will in fact be able to afford the life we’re dreaming about for us and our children. With this many kids to be concerned with, the peace of mind that came from knowing that we would be OK is indescribable. And let’s not forget, the strategies and efficiencies that Retirement Navigator recommended generated savings for us that covered their fee 10 times over.

Elizabeth & Dr. Graeme HibberdEmeritus Program Clients

This was not a financial presentation focusing on numbers. It was an opportunity to take a good long look into your own passions and values- seeing how they play out in your future and only then apply the numbers to it. I look into the future with excitement now and not trepidation!

Sergio GaloEmeritus Program Client

A fresh, thorough approach to the topic of retirement, including all the aspects that are usually ignored by investment advisers & retirement and estate planners.

Ralph Folman M.DPlanning Client

I now have the clarity, understanding and tools to plan the future I want and live out my dreams. Progressive stages in the process led to A-Ha moments and generated a lot of conversation which would otherwise not happen.

Lianne KnippingEmeritus Program Client

I was amazed at the level of sophistication of the program, the presentations and the software offered for our current and future use. This program has addressed my weakness of not addressing my retirement plan. You have stimulated me to do more, you have provided the directions the tools and the support to develop and amazing detailed plan that is flexible and can be used for many years.

Lew FordEmeritus Program Client

The program brings everything together into a very coherent, insightful and meaningful way that was very easy to understand and provoked further thought.

Rob BowerEmeritus Program Client

I am intimidated by investments and complex financial matters, but this seminar gave me more confidence in my capacity to make appropriate decisions. I wish we had done this 10 years ago. One very important aspect of this whole process was working through with my husband what your values, hopes and expectations are.

Joan BelfordEmeritus Program Client
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